Thursday, September 17, 2009

To improve on perfection

is to add the last bit of cream cheese from the tub into your Marmite spaghetti.

Do NOT hold back on the black pepper.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yooo hooooooo

Anyone out there?

I'm not surprised if there's no one reading my blog anymore after my long absences. For anyone who still is, you'll be in for a surprise, a baking project worked!!!

Yes, I had a semi-successful baking project! Mark this on your calendars as it may never happen again!

Oh, it was biscotti. Yup, that hard Italian biscuit that goes perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee at about 11am or 3pm.

I mentioned it casually to my visiting friend and being the very focused person she is (and therefore extremely successful), nagged me about it until one evening after the little had finally gone to sleep, I quickly put it together following this recipe. I omitted (simply because I can NOT follow a recipe... and I didn't have it), the anise extract and the Amaretto. I added sour cherries, chopped dark chocolate and my slightly too roasty almonds.


Timing wise, it was true to the recipe. Taste wise I think they could have benefited from the Amaretto but otherwise, they were easy to make, came out nearly perfect and were a joy to eat with tea.

Also, the mere fact that I made them myself and didn't ruin them made them taste all the sweeter.

I promise, there are more posts coming!