Monday, May 10, 2010

Not once but twice

If any one reading this blog remembers one horrifyingly embarrassing moment I had queuing up for the changing rooms in Paris, I just had it repeated over the weekend.

It was a beautiful wedding wedding in a lovely venue. My eyes stayed dry during the ceremony but my mouth was definitely upturned. The situation was much different a bit later when one of the wedding party enquired as to whether I was expecting. As I said no through my smiles, my eyes met the other guests who had overheard the question and were kindly hoping to offer me their congratulations. I have learned recently that people who ask these kinds of questions have the best of intentions and are usually wonderful people but reactions to a 'no' are very varied and in this case, a poke to my stomach was made and the phrase "I guess it's just the tummy then" uttered.

When I made my excuses and went back to the boy and the babe, my eyes were definitely wet and my mouth not so upturned.

I want to say that I don't blame the poor woman but my own greed.


Mumpleweed said...

Try working in a school. We've all had the children say that to us. I've also had a child point to one of the moles on my arm and say, "What's that?" To which I obviously replied, "It's called a mole. They're a bit like large freckles."
"Urgh!" said the child.

Fahim Hanif said...


Viv said...


It made me sad reading this post....

because I think she was rude :P

and you know what else? You have had a baby!!! That usually changes bodies :)

So give yourself a bit of time, and if you really want to - do exercises for yourself, and no one else!!!

Sui Mai said...

Thanks Viv, that's very kind and I guess its a bit silly to complain on a food blog about that sort of thing!

Gerry said...

I have had similar 2 incidents in the last 3 months:
1) We were in Langkawi on a boat ride through the mangrove forest and were about to head out to the sea for a quick drive, the tourguide comes up to me and said the skipper wanted to know if I was expecting as he needed to know how fast he could go. The answer was, "No". (sigh)
2) I met a friend a few weeks ago who I hadn't seen in 4 years. First thing she asked me (since she knows I had 2 kids close together) "Are you pregnant??". "NO!" She was very embarassed and told me not to think anything of it. She said she felt like a right arse. I didn't feel like an arse... maybe more like a donkey.

Anyway, the best part is I am 1kg from my pre-pregnancy weight and it's all in my tummy. So even though they mean well, it's hard hearing questions like that.

I mean afterall we aren't all like Jessica Alba who has a personal trainer.