Thursday, September 14, 2006


It's getting late at the office and I'm snackish. Lucky for me I happened across those damned impulse buy items at the local Wellcome the other day.

I had two packets of Pretz, snacks beloved of HK along with Vita lemon tea and Vita soy bean drink.

But I had special Pretz. Yup, these babies came from Japon (Japan to the uncultured masses... *sniff*)

Specifically, they were shrimp and peas. Let's admire a second their compelling packaging.

Notice the 10% on the shrimp flavored and the 20% on the pea flavored? I'm guessing it says something like, 10% REAL shrimp and 20% REAL peas!

Funny enough, although this snack had only 20% real peas, it kicked 100% Peas' ass (if peas had an ass).

The shrimp? it tasted like shrimp crackers....not shrimpy enough according to a discerning colleague.

They were incredibly brittle and crackly but very good in terms of flavoring...although loaded with msg.

So, final verdict?


Oh and lest you think I'm a greedy bugger, no, I didn't eat all 4 packets. I ate two. Gave 2 to a colleague. So there.

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Viv said...

I just bought the limited edition of cheese flavour...they are soooo good ^^