Thursday, April 26, 2007


What's orange and red, is very light, weighs almost nothing and is a fruit?

Give up?

Well don't ask me because I don't know either.

Last Sunday while strolling around Bastille Market, I spied some passion fruits selling for 3 euros a basket of 5. I bought a basket while the boy's mother picked up some of those tiny, ultra sweet, thin skinned bananas. While at the stand, I picked up one of these fruits and examined it curiously. The gentleman serving us, put one in our bag as a p'tit cadeau as it was a "jour de fete". In fact it was not any kind of holiday as such but election day so the mood was very jolly.

Quickly swept away after having paid, I was horrified to discover I had not asked him what this fruit was! So, I returned today to the Bastille market but to my dismay, the exotic fruit seller was not there today.

So I turn to the Internet where I still cannot seem to find it. Anyone who knows what it is, please please tell me.

All I know is that it is very light, has no fragrance to speak of and has turned slightly hollow and red over the course of the last few days. I'll be cutting into it tomorrow but will keep searching for the mysterious fruit tonight...


ttfnRob said...

I think its a Granadilla (Spanish, I thought pronouned like Tortilla at the end) - like a big passionfruit. Don't know why I know this...

umami88 said...

Yes I think so too. Granadilla. From Colombia. I know because I bought some a few weeks ago (no p'tit cadeau...)and looked up the name on the internet.

Sui Mai said...

Thank you to both of you!!

Rob, I don't know why you know but am very glad you do.

Umami, how did you look it up? I tried searching for relatives of the passionfruit and "orange red exotic fruit"... received some odd results!

Now to try it!

seewah said...

i think i tried "colombia fruit"