Monday, May 28, 2007

Update - Cast Iron

By George, I *think* I've got it!

I believe my pan might be seasoned!

I made a simple Asian minced meat dish in it and it browned properly, no sticking and wiped clean.

Does this mean it's actually seasoned?

How can I tell?

Please, please work, ya damn bane of my cooking existence!


Anonymous said...

Correct seasoning is more to do with taste. It is more likely the temparature of the pan - too hot and it will char and possibly stick, too low and the meat will become oily and 'boil' rather than fry and you'll lose a lot of the water and the sugars in the meat will fail to caramelise.

Keep up the good work - love the blog.

Sui Mai said...

Thanks for that... hmm, I'll watch out for the warning signs as you said.

Found this:

So I guess I'll just ahve to keep on seasoning!!