Thursday, August 02, 2007

Do you...?

Do you love Hong Kong?

Do you love traditional street markets?

Do you love the old pushy woman clothed in blue who elbows you out of the way to get to the best bit of the wintermelon?

Do you love the slippery slide of the squished fruits and veg between the stalls?

Do you love talking to shopkeepers who advise you what to put in your soup to make it more nutritious?

Do you love going to the market to gawk at the different types of fruit and veg that you've never seen before? (Fresh wasabi root anyone?)

In short, do you want to save the street market in Central?

If so, click here to vote to save the Central street market.

If you want more info, please also click there to read more than this questionable post has to say about it.

PS. Brought to my attention by the wonderful blog, EatingAsia.

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