Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Smoke Free

As most of the countries have now put limitations on smoking indoors, there seems a resurgence of interest in helping to kick the habit.

During a 15 minute (the boy timed me so we wouldn't be late) shopping spree at Morrison's, a supermarket in the UK, I saw a box of Chupa Chups. It was a small box of 6 mini Chupa Chups, sugar free, citrus flavored with extracts of lemon balm and lime blossom. As I only had a few minutes, I didn't hesitate and threw them in the basket, thinking that Chupa Chups have gone on to target adults.

It wasn't until upon closer examination of the box in the car that I remarked on the size of it and how similar the packaging seemed to be to a box of cigarettes.

Then I turned it over to read the back...............................................>

Chupa Chups marketing gurus have cottoned on to the idea of selling the lollipops not as a fun treat for kids but to replace the hand to mouth action habit which is an issue for smokers. Even endorsed by the NHS (National Health Service in the UK)!

A nice idea but not sure how cool people think lollipops are. Its hard to look tough while sucking a lollipop.

Luckily I always choose yumminess over coolness.


SteamyKitchen said...

LOL! Me too - I choose yumminess!

susan said...

Hi Jess,

when we were at the Dali museum in Figueres, the guide told us that Dali had designed the Chupa Chups label! so strange - it doesn't look very Dali-esque.


Sui Mai said...

How interesting! Dali designing for Chupa Chups!

Hmmm, I wonder if the original logo he submitted was a lot more "melty"?


susan said...

LOL, yes, you'd think the design would look "melty".
From what our guide said, it seems Dali would do anything for money. He and his wife sound like they were pervs.