Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pig Candy

I said I would and of course I did.

Make and eat Pig Candy, that is.

I know its not to everyone's taste but I like my bacon very, very crispy, to the point of almost burnt, with a nice crunch and not all flaccid and fat.

I love it best on toast spread thinly with raspberry jam. It's the supremely savory-ness of the bacon contrasted with the sweet textured jam on some nice toast that makes it the best treat ever.

Given my love for sweet savories, wouldn't Pig Candy be the ideal next step?

So, Pig Candy, what is it made of?

Bacon, paprika and brown sugar.

Happily I found some maple sugar from my trip in Canada in my cupboard, so I couldn't resist using it... especially since the bacon I bought was smoked.

So, basically, the "recipe" consisted of placing the bacon on a baking sheet, sprinkling on the maple sugar and paprika and broil until crisp.

Turned it over twice to get it nice and crispy and before too long, I took it out and rested it on paper towel to soak up some of the excess oil.

Look at this beauty...

all crispy, caramelized and flat out delicious. This batch was super crispy as per my liking, but I tried the next batch a bit softer and malleable. Oddly the softer version tasted a lot like Chinese bak kwa, which I just learned, is often called Chinese Pig Candy

In any case, I liked it a lot but I still preferred my crisp bacon on raspberry jam toast better

I asked the boy what he thought, as he's not usually a fan of bacon. His response?

"It feels wrong, I really shouldn't be eating it."

Of course this was said with his mouth full and he had no problem finishing off the second batch either.


susan said...

What? the boy doesn't usually like bacon? I've never heard of anybody not liking bacon.

Sui Mai said...

I know!!

Crazy boy.

He likes "English Bacon" or "Canadian Bacon", or what I call ham really. I love streaky bacon. A little too much I think...