Monday, October 13, 2008

4pm: Tunnock's Dark Chocolate Caramel Wafers

I thought I'd start off round 2 of 4pm with a recently discovered and fast becoming favorite biscuit.

Although, to be fair, you can hardly call it a biscuit and it's more in the realm of chocolate bar.

It is Tunnock's Dark Chocolate Caramel Wafers.

Tunnocks has had a long history of providing many a packed lunch with that sweet treat at the end or as an afternoon snack. Two of its most famous products are the Tea Cake, a biscuit base with a marshmallow dome, all enveloped with chocolate, and the Caramel Wafer, containing 5 layers of wafer with 4 layers of caramel.

Tunnock's is still family owned and operated out of Scotland, and the scrolling trivia on their site tells me that the Caramel Wafer is regularly featured as one of the top 10 selling chocolate biscuits in Scotland. After eating my way through two packs, I know why.


What I have to go through in the name of research....

I bought the multi-pack, which , I think is the way to go, lasting a good week with one extra in case your *cough* significant other decides to steal one *choke*.

First of all though, you must make the tea and your cheerily wrapped Caramel Wafer (keeping it away from the tea otherwise you risk chocolate meltage), and find a good space to sit.

Then, have a slurp of your tea and begin to unwrap. STOP. Do NOT rip the top bit open and eat like a chocolate bar, you heathen. Unwrap it fully.

Then, using the wrapper as your 'plate', pick it up with your thumb and forefinger and bite.

The warmth of your mouth from the tea should nicely melt the chocolate, which combined with the slightly chewy wafer and caramel leave you nice and happy.

Then, a further sip or two of tea then another bite.

Proceed until finished.

Assuming, like me, you are a hot blooded individual, you should be left with traces of chocolate to be licked away regretfully after the Caramel Wafer has finished.

Usually this is the time to sigh, look sadly down at your chocolate streaked empty wrapper and begin to fold. I fold mine according to the fold already in place, turning it over to admire once again the wrapping before folding it into an every smaller thin strip and wrap around my finger like a ring.

I leave this bit to your own imagination as to how you'd like to fold your empty wrapper.

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