Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taipei eating on the drive

We hired a driver for our short sojourn to Taipei to visit my Grandmother, who was meeting the babe for the first time. We hired a driver for the journey as there were a lot of places we wanted to hit and there were 7 of us. The driver was a really friendly man to whom we chatted a lot about food. However, we knew that there was something special about him when we saw a cart selling my beloved pig's blood glutinous rice cakes on a stick in the lane next to us. He rolled down the window, somehow convinced the lady on the bike pulling the cart to pull over at the next set of lights to sell us 3 sticks.

So despite racing our way to the airport, we managed to cram in one last snack. Fantabulous.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you that you really live up to your name and eat 'til the last minute!

I would be even more proud if one of the sticks was for the babe.

...kidding :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and let me guess the sticks distribution. One for you, one for your hubby and last one...hmm, there's a 50/50 chance between uncle and auntie. I'd say the last one for uncle.

Or one for your hubby and two for you ;p


Anonymous said...


I haven't been on your blog in ages as you hadn't been blogging much. Just tried today on the off-chance and very glad to see you are back! The Fat Duck experience sounds wonderful- so glad it didn't disappoint like El Bulli.


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