Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ketchup chips from heaven...

The Bro (not boy) is back in town!

More exciting than this is.... he brought me Old Dutch Ketchup Chips*!


So after having endured red thumb and index finger on my right hand and red stains around me teeth after having gorged myself on a huge bag of them, I looked at the other two bags (yes, the bro loves me), and thought about hoarding them all to myself.

However, I happened to catch a glimpse of my crazed eyes and blissed out expression in the reflection of the window when I got distracted by the huge blight right in front of me! Horrified, I shrank back. Even more horrifically, it shrank back with me!

It was my belly.

So despite my greedy, hoarding tendencies, I decided to reward my lovely neighbors (who can cook!!!) with a bag of the tangy, thin, crispy goodies I knew they would love and trotted downstairs with a bag.

However, alas, they were not home. I momentarily believed it to be fate and that I was meant to eat the chips myself but I was held fast.

I was determined, after coming so far, that they had to have them.

So I decided to wedge it between their door and their metal gate. I had gotten it half way there when the bag exploded (being in the air pressurized plane *might* have something to do with it) in my face!

It was not to be! I sadly (kinda) took the bag upstairs and munched thoughtfully.

Maybe I was meant to have three bags all by myself?

But alas, I felt too much of the guilt weighing on me from consuming vast amounts of other people's cooking and forced myself to bring down a bag the following day.

It was worth it for the gratefulness a simple bag of chips inspired.

*For those of you who have not experienced the incredibly tastiness of ketchup chips (only the Old Dutch brand will do), get thee quick to Canada! The vibrant redness, the tangy, salty-sourish combo is strangely addictive. But for the curious among you, no, the boy does not like them.

(yes, yes, picture of bag of ketchuppy goodness to come)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the chips!!! We didn't even know Old Dutch had Ketchup Chips because we usually eat Lays. By the way Hostess and Pringles are the worst for Ketchup.

We will be opening up the Old Dutch soon had to get rid of both of our coughs first.