Thursday, October 12, 2006

Zee wurst chips

Continuing onto my chip tastings, I came across Calbee 'Deutsche Wurst Wurzte Kartoffelchips' or as we like to call it, German Sausage Flavored Potato Chips.

The scene of German sausages accompanied by a dish of mustard, beer and a pretzel is designed to, I believe, inspire pangs of hunger and longing for foodstuffs of Germanic origin.

It wasn't especially attractive but I thought that the more subtle seeming packaging merited a tasting.

So, along with the bro and the boy, we opened up the package to find a very plain looking chip which was quite fragrant although none of us could place the seasonings used.

I for one liked the crispiness and the taste but the boy didn't like them much and the bro thought it was a bit too plain, like a cross between the curry and the bbq Calbee.

Verdict: no different and the pseudo sophistimacated packaging doesn't translate to the chip itself... and definitely no contest when placed next to a chip of a certain tangy tomato-ey flavor...

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