Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Have just returned from Seattle and unfortunately due to wedding errands (not mine) was not able to sample some of their finer foodstuffs.

However, before I departed, I was able to pick up a packet of an oddly named but apparently popular snack.

Pirate's booty.

Nope, as much as the boy thinks that I'm referring to his behind, it is in actual fact a puffed rice and corn snack flavored with aged white cheddar. And you know how fond I am of cheese flavored snacks.

But I had to pick it up for the name alone. And the Quagmire-looking pirate. And the cheesy (pardon the pun) pirate-y sayings. The bubbles toting the healthiness of the snack was not the selling point.

So the verdict?

Good but not great. Addictive and somewhat healthier than the E-numbered, Tara Reid's faux tan colored Cheetos that I still love.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

I promise I'll return the boxes of instant noodles during our next visit to Paris.

Thanks for coming to Seattle!