Thursday, February 15, 2007

Louis XIV? Non, c'est Louis Philippe

The boy, I trust, was a real handful as a teenager. Always one to do exactly the opposite of what he was told, he, for the first time in 4+ years, decided to take me out to dinner on Valentine's day.

Perhaps it had to do with being in the most romantic city in the world, or perhaps it was because we didn't feel like Hallmark hit us viciously and repeatedly over the head as the holiday approached that he felt it was time to do something.

I, of course know better. It had to do with the old men at the bar. Throwing back espressos and carafes of red throughout the day, they were the most typical French men I have ever seen. The boy immediately wanted to go over, shake their hands and buy a round. But I was hungry and it doesn't do to keep me hungry.

So, we traipsed upstairs to a more quiet location, which, to the boy's horror was decorated for the holidays with heart shaped sprinkles all over the table. Seeing his face pale, I quickly distracted him with the menu, which was charmingly homemade on pink carton cut out in the shape of a heart.

I began with the "Queues d'ecrevisses au foie gras au vinaigre de Xeres", which was a lovely shrimp tail salad with foie gras slivers on tossed salad. Yes, I am still allergic to shrimp but I risked having a bite before turning it over to the boy, who had ordered "Oeufs brouilles aux cepes", which was like a breakfast comfort food, mashed egg with cepes.

For my main, I had the "Magret de canard aux cerises et aux pommes fruits", taking the opportunity to combine fruit with savory meats, something the boy detests. It was delicious. Sweet and very tangy with plump pitted cherries and pink duck breast. The poached and browned apples were a nice accompaniment.

The boy had the "Duo de poissons homardine", which was a nice, perfectly cooked piece of salmon which proved to have the most tender texture despite my initial suspicious that it appeared dry, as well as a white fish may have been Rouget? It was served with wild rice and a lobster sauce. The boy was well satisfied.

For dessert, the "Marquise au Chocolate" didn't work out according to the very charming waiter, but we were served pear frangipane tart with vanilla ice cream stuffed profiterole with hot chocolate sauce. It was exquisite. Although to my never ending shame, I couldn't finish it. The boy insisted I take a photo of what I couldn't' finish after expressing great shock at my shame. But, after all, this is MY blog so no pic for you!

As we left the waiter handed me a rose, I smiled and immediately cut my finger on a thorn. Happy Valentine's indeed.

The meal cost a reasonable 30 Euros not including drinks and tip.

Cafe Louis Philippe
66, Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville
75004, Paris
Tel : 01 42 72 29 42

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