Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Le Dôme du Marais

Lucky for us the boy managed to get us an apartment in the Marais, a bustling place with plenty of restuarants to try. One of them, Le Dôme du Marais, is within stumbling distance of 2 blocks from our front door and had been given a good review so of course we had to go and drag Umami and her husband with us!

Their menu changes seasonally and the evening we went, there were a choice of two menus, one at 35 euros and the other at a little over 40 euros. There were a choice of 3 starters, 3 mains and 2 desserts on each menu with different ingredients in each of them. We went with the 35 euro menu due to the choices offered and a bottle of wine was chosen in deference to our visit to the Salon de L'Agriculture, to wash it all down.

After an amuse-gueule of a cumin laced lentil salad accompanied with a pea soup with a dollop of crème fraîche, three of us started with a tartare of salmon tartare, which were three generous slices of salmon, served with a parsley sauce and a tart green apple salad. It was very nice although I found the apple salad a little bit too tart.

The boy had a starter of fresh oysters dressed in a crisp, light, green apple dressing which seemed to actually enhance the flavor and played off the sea-saltiness of the oyster's natural deliciousness (I'm biased).

For mains I went with the veal cheek which was served with a kind of pickled red cabbage and topped with matchstick apples. It photographed horribly so I won't show it here but it did taste quite nice with the sauce and its soft, tender texture, as is normal with veal cheek. Umami remarked that it didn't have much of a "taste" being veal and I believe she is right but I think my palate may still be in need of more refining to identify such things! Umami also quite liked the pickled red cabbage which I didn't enjoy very much.

The other three guests went with the very charmingly named "Assiette de Monsieur Cochon", a degustation platter of organic pig. This was composed of a glazed and roasted porcine slices, which tasted very much like char siu, a kind of brochette of a centre cut pork chop, boudin noir (blood sausage) and a kind of a crêpe .

Besides the brochette of pork, the other three items were underwhelming. After tasting Monsieur Gilles Vérot's boudin, it has ruined me for others. I did not taste the crêpe although it was commented that it was a little strange.

Moving onto dessert, I couldn't resist the tarte chocolat noir et marron glace, spoom a L'Absinthe, which was a delectable dark and not too sweet chocolate tarte which had a layer of marron glace at the bottom, and a little cup of delicious light foam flavored with a sprinkle of Absinthe, giving it a nice anise-y flavor.

The more restrained among us went with sorbet and exotic fruits before indulging in the complimentary petit fours of some type of coffee custard, homemade sweet mint marshmallow, almond snaps and butter cookies.

Personally, for the price, the friendly service, the food, the atmosphere and the generous servings, I would return. Although I would have to try hard not be swayed by the cute sounding names in the future.

Le Dôme du Marais
53 bis rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 4th
Tel: 01 42 74 54 17
Metro: Rambuteau

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Anonymous said...

I went to this restaurant last September for lunch. Was doing some window-shopping in the neighbourhood. Relaxing setting, friendly service. As in other French restaurants, they have these "formules" (set menu). I picked an appetizer (Green salad with liver, heart, etc. of duck + dices of capsicum) + main dish (fish) + dessert (prunes crumble) for 23 Euros. The fish was tasty, huge but paled by the salad which was excellent. (It actually tasted so ... Chinese). The sweetest was definitely saved til the last. I had this Prunes Crumble (yes, with ice-cream and a long French name). It was heavenly. It looked good, it tasted good. I left the place with a question : What have I done right so that they decided to throw in an extra dessert (sago pudding with biscuits) on the house when I asked for the bill?