Friday, March 30, 2007

Ye Olde Shoppe O' Sweets

Last weekend, the boy and I went to the North of England to attend his grandparent's Diamond Anniversary (that's a whooping 60 years of marriage, yon wee rascals!).

It was done in the great tradition of the boy and his wonderful family. Big, loud and lots and lots of fun. His Aunt, a historian, had rented a grand old double decker bus and toured around the area reliving moments of significance in her parents' life. It was magnificent. While on the bus, I must admit I was slightly distracted. You see, we were handed a bag of Olde Fashioned Traditional Sweets. Mostly hard candies and all of them new to me. So, wrapped up in my little paper bag of sweets, I hassled the boy's sister in law to tell me what all of them were and what they tasted like.

Here are the results of my hard research (all done for you of course):

(Apologies for the size of the pic. I'm not technically competent. You can see a slightly larger size here.)

To my absolute horror, the boy's lovely, lovely grandmother, as I was leaving, tried to hand me her bag of sweeties, making sure to tell me, "I didn't have many!".

And no, of course, I didn't take them. I'm not that awful!

Next report shall be on the foods I ate that evening. I am waiting to find out the correct spelling of the stuff I ate. I know it was "something in the corner" (I think it was sent to the corner for being naughty) and something else that sounds like "fun knuckles". I'll let you know as soon as I find out....

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