Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bite me

A few weeks ago, we went on a museum crawl as part of the wonderful Nuit des Musees. We went with friends of ours to Musee Carnavalet, Petit Palais (with a fabulous garden and lounge chairs), Invalides and Musee Rodin.

We went to the Invalides, where we visited the very strange tomb of Napoleon, on a raised platform in the lower floor, looking mightly big and impressive indeed for such a little man. The boy and I found it a little creepy and strange to have such a massive building work dedicated to the tomb of Napoleon but to each their own.

My friends decided to pop into the cafeteria for a hot drink and a warm up when I noticed this near the cash register....

Sucette Napoleon!

Yes, that's right kids! Instead of just visiting the tomb of Napoleon, you can now buy your own figurehead and lick and bite it as much as you want! Out of respect, of course. Because all dead leaders deserve their own sucette.

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