Sunday, June 03, 2007

A little bit of Malaysia

Surprisingly, despite Paris being an international city, some of the more international foods are done not quite right.

For example, the boy's favorite back in HK, wonton noodles, which here in Paris, are sometimes made using Shanghainese flour noodles.

That being the case, and wanting to make the most of my time here and for fear of "wasting stomach", I have rarely wandered out for Asian cuisine, beside a bowl of heart warming Pho now and again.

However, when Umami told me about the Malaysian cultural fair a few weeks ago, I had to go. For the food.

I had satays, nasi lemak and even pulled tea. It was lovely but it was more this sight which pleased me more than anything. It could have been anywhere in South East Asia but the fact that it was in the back garden of the Malaysian embassy pleased me especially.

My Malay friend even told me that the oil they used to grease the roti is Malaysian!

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