Saturday, May 31, 2008


Sometimes I feel like the female equivalent of Homer J. Simpson. A walking idiot whose brain and tongue don't work in perfect harmony.

I'd been home three days when Susan invited me over for a dinner party yesterday. Despite the 5 hour advance notice, this is not something you turn down. Susan was cooking. 'nuf said.

Anyhow, lo and behold I'm there early and get to meet the Fuschia Dunlop. In those five minutes before someone else saved me from digging myself deeper into the pit of mortification, I have managed to a) insult London, where, unbeknownst to me, she was living; b) admit that I didn't really know who she was; and c) tell her that Londoners were unfriendly.

Upon coming home and googling her, I find out that I've had her books on my Amazon wishlist. D'OH!!!!

I'm an absolute idiot.

However, the dinner party was fabulous fun and Fuschia incredibly gracious. Although I didn't know many of the guests besides Susan and Sunday Driver, they were very nice and thankfully forgiving even after the sharing of embarrassing anecdotes. It wasn't upon coming home that I found out that some of these ladies were professional foodies... I'm actually glad I wasn't forewarned. I think that while I wouldn't have backed out (did I mention Susan was cooking?), I would have been very intimidated. As it was I think I was a little too loose with my tongue.

The food.... well... what can I say? It was delicious of course! My favorites being the pork neck and the desserts. Desserts consisted of Susan-made Meyer lemon sorbet, mango sorbet and the intoxicatingly addictive chocolate cherry ice cream. That's not all though... there were canneles.

Yes, you heard right, deliciously rich with a caramelized crunchy exterior giving way to a plush, chewy, pudding-like interior... painstakingly made with molds specially bought from France, beeswax ordered online to brush the molds with and an hour of baking of the thumb-sized treats.

And if you feel like learning to cook in Hong Kong, check out Corner Kitchen!


Beau Lotus said...

I love love love cannelés...Used to go over to Montparnasse where in the station they had a small stand selling cannelés and only cannelés from Bordeaux.

Meanwhile you were just being yourself and it is good that you were not going to be someone else and say something else just because you were in the company of a few celebrities :-).


susan said...

Jessie, I didn't cook - Jiraporn did! I only made the desserts. And don't worry, I agreed with you about London. But I didn't realise you didn't know who Fuchsia is! Don't worry about your stories - they were hilarious, and I think all of us were telling embarrassing stories too.
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

Sui Mai said...

Thanks Beau... that's very kind.

Susan... Oops, sorry about that...and I had forgotten to thank Jiraporn that night too!! Argh!

dimsumdolly said...

Aiyah, why are so many people I know moving to London only after I've left???

Hope the city's growing on you!