Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Angry

I'm back and I'm Angry. More annoyed really but a high alert state of pissed off. Not at anyone in particular, you understand, just generally.

But really, let's start with the Good....the honeymoon...

- Seeing "O" and "Penn and Teller" in Las Vegas;

- sunset helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, evening view of the Las Vegas Strip (I got to ride in front!);

- seeing the Wholphin as well as swimming, kissing and getting a belly ride from a dolphin at Sea Life Park in Hawaii; and

- biking over the Golden Gate Bridge (despite the boy getting a flat).

Then moving onto the Bad ....

- lack of time meant not great food... although highlights will be shown in a future blog;

- my camera not working properly in the middle of our honeymoon (hence the lack of photos);

- our flat, the one we found, paid and rented in 3 days in London between our leaving Paris and going away, being held hostage by real estate agents from the far depths of hell despite us paying rent on it already; and

- arriving in London, after a 10 hour flight and more than 15 hours travel time, to find out we can't get into our flat, staging a sit-in at the real estate agents for 3 hours then travelling another 3.5 hours back to the boy's sister's house in Wales.

So to arrive to London feeling cold, wet, hungry with a home you can't get into and 60+kg of luggage between the two of you.

Hell yes I'm Angry.

I promise you all a more cheery food post next time. Happily I'm going home to my beloved family in Hong Kong this weekend so there's bound to be lots of good food to blog about soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Hi again. The good is that you're back in the blogosphere. Welcome back!

susan in HK said...

God, Jess, how annoying!!! I'd be angry too - what's wrong with your real estate agents??
see you soon...

mama bok said...

Poor you ..! i would be upset too..! hope all is well now.