Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turkish De-yuck - Part 2

Well, I had to. After all, I did promise.

So of course, I choose a day when the boy was around the house (in case I needed to be resuscitated), and conquered my fears.

Inspired by the Sound of Music Singalong I went to on Friday (which was a LOT of fun), I began by first singing my off-key rendition of "I have Confidence" in order to summon up some courage to tackle the metallic purple horror sitting right next to my computer.

First I unwrapped it.

As you can see, it looked innocuous enough... and was covered in and smelt like chocolate. Not something I normally object to.

I cut it in half.

Ok, the dark red Turkish Delight lurked inside, insidiously daring me.

Not being that brave (nor that stupid), I cut it into tiny pieces and chose a corner piece (i.e. higher chocolate to gelatinous perfume ratio).

And for those of you who doubt that I actually ate it, I present to you exhibit D, which shows the slight gap between my two front teeth.

See? I did eat it.

And it was yuck.

I mean, it wasn't as strongly perfumed as the fancy stuff (and for that I am grateful) but it was still very much like eating some jelly-fied perfume. Ick.

I passed on the rest of the plate to the boy and decided to go in search of some Tolberone to ease my pain. To be fair, he didn't think it was very good either.

So all this to say that Turkish Delight is disgusting, no matter what my friends with taste say.


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Anonymous said...

This is so funny, but it might have set you even further back from the path of turkish delight adoration. Next time I visit I'll bring some foie gras, it'll erase this bad episode from your palate.

Susan said...

Oh, you finally tried it! For a while I thought you were just "talking the talk" (as you accused me of at Le Comptoir du Relais) and wouldn't actually go through with it. Well, at least you gave it another try - good for you.
It's very funny but as I was reading this post, a colleague offered me a piece of Turkish Delight! Not rose, though - pistachio. We both said we prefer pistachio to rose. Maybe you should try this flavour.

Anonymous said...

How can jelly and chocolate be wrong??? It's ALL good.

Maybe this can be a start of a new series of blogs - you have to try all the stuff you don't like... Although, knowing you, I don't think there will be much on that list! ha ha

Kafei Sik Tai Tai xxx