Monday, November 10, 2008

Uh oh...

Yeah, I know.

I've been very lax about updating the blog. I will do but at the moment, I'm going through a bit of a down period with food. I feel a bit like that guy on the Fast Show, Jesse's Diets, who spends a week eating "mostly" one thing.

This last week, I have mostly been eating convenience food.


Although I did have a lovely afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason's with the in-laws!

A proper update coming soon (end of this week) ... one in which I TRY to conquer my fear by approaching the Umami recommended and my nemesis, TURKISH DELIGHT!


susan in HK said...

Wow, how exciting - you're actually going to eat turkish delight?? will it be ROSE flavoured??

Sui Mai said...


I have no idea

Some chocolate covered confection by Fry's.

It's scaring me....