Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Da Cheweeeeee..... oh.

I am the most unaccomplished baker I know.

However, I have spirit. Or at least greed.

I came across Alton Brown's simply named, The Chewy.

This of course, refers to the chocolate chip cookie.

I looooove chocolate chip cookies and preferably, ones that are chewy and not just crunchy all the way through. I sometimes even under cook my cookies, pancakes, etc. just slightly to get that chewy texture. Doesn't always work and as I'm the only person I know who does not like raw cookie dough (yeah, yeah, so sue me), it doesn't always succeed.

In any case, getting into the holiday spirit and all that kind of nonsense, I decided to go for it. Also, it would mask the stench of microwave popcorn before my in-laws arrived.

So I followed the recipe (Susan, are you proud of me) and made the cookies.

Here's how it looked like right before I chilled the dough:

And here's what it looked like cooked as per instructions (175 for 14 mins, checking and turning sheet after 5 mins) and after only 11 minutes:

And here's what happened after I lowered the temp to 150 and cooked for only 12 minutes.

Yup, the instructions didn't work for me.

But even though the second and subsequent batches looked better, it still wasn't chewy. It was still a bit dry and tough. Did I overwork the dough? Should I not have used the hand mixer to mix the dough? Or was it my big chocolate chunks?

In any case, I would not repeat again, just wasn't that good. Now somebody please send me a fail proof cookie recipe!!


Susan said...

Oh dear, i'm so sorry about this. I think it's your oven - sounds like it's too hot. or do you have really thin baking sheets? you might try to "double pan" them - put one baking sheet directly on top of the second baking sheet so the bottom of the first one is somewhat insulated - and then the bottoms shouldn't burn. But also check your oven temperature - buy an inexpensive oven thermometer. You can never rely on the temperature guage, it's always wrong.
It's fine to use a hand-mixer on cookies! In fact, why would you NOT want to use a hand mixer? Unless you want really bulging biceps.
When you're back in Hong Kong, I'm going to give you baking lessons, okay??

Sui Mai said...

I actually used an oven thermometer!!! This oven is actually quite accurate as well.


I think I am just doomed....

DOOMED to failure at baking

umami said...

the thought of washing the baking paraphernalia wears me out already. i prefer to take my chances with McVities- the Boasters range are not bad for chocolate chip cookies.