Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am cursed!!

Woke up at 6am this morning and couldn't sleep despite the tiredness.

Get intense craving for chocolate cake.

Find next best thing, brownie mix. Betty Crocker.

Can't possibly screw that up.

Mix water, egg, oil and packet, put in oven, wait 25 mins.

Take pan out, manage to slip, try to rescue with BARE HAND, glass pan cracks, end up with glass all over the floor.

Boy wakes up 30 mins later to find me in foetal position on sofa, sucking burnt finger, vacuum cleaner taken out, pan of glass brownies all over floor of kitchen.

Cue 1 hour later. Picking out bits of un-glassified brownie to nibble on while boy heroically deals with the mess.

Sadly this is a true story.


sui said...

oh dear. that sounds awful :(

is your name sui? cuz my name is sui! :D

would you like to affiliate food blogs maybe? i like yours. hehe :3

Anonymous said...

hahahhahah! I don't know what to say, I'm imagining the scene as you describe. Boy oh's craving and it's CHOCOLATE, what can we say?!

susan said...

Oh my goodness, poor you! The Boy is a saint. I'll e-mail you a brownie recipe - it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy (no, I really mean that! super-duper easy!)

Sui Mai said...

Hi Sui,

My name isn't Sui but nice to 'meet' you.

Hey I,

It's sad but I can't believe the disaster.


Easy to you but honestly... I messed up BETTY CROCKER!!! You have to be a flaming idiot to mess that up. Ur.....