Thursday, December 21, 2006

Our meaty friends

In other parts of the world, there are people who dress up as big furry creatures, sometimes to amuse children, like in Disneyland, and sometimes to titillate, which is very disturbing to the average adult. Sometimes, however, it is to promote something, to sell or to attract.

Usually they are dressed to be cute, cuddly and make people smile.

Last night, however I found a curious pair dressed up to promote a restaurant. What attracted a second look, however, wasn't the 'cuddly-ness' of the pair but rather the....for lack of a better word.... meatiness of the pair.

You see, one of them was dressed as a steak. And not just any steak, check out the marbling! That must be Wagyu or something, with his sidekick, the grill.

Only in Hong Kong would that be appealing, most of all, to me.

Japanese Yakiniku WAKO Restaurant
3/F Richmond Plaza
496 Jaffe Road Causeway Bay
Tel: 2117 4286
Fax: 2117 4269


chaxiubao said...

any idea where the resto is?

Sui Mai said...

Ah yes, that would help.

I've now posted it, sorry for the oversight!