Monday, December 04, 2006

Try, try again

I just won't give it up you see.

How can I not be able to bake? I didn't fail any of my chemistry experiments in school and I can follow instructions...well, kinda.

I tried Too Many Chefs' Chairman Mao Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies and yes, with substitutions... but only because I didn't have "chocolate formerly in the shape of a communist leader"!

However, like all good students, I know where I went wrong....

The instructions said to 'cream the butter with the sugar'

I know what that means: soften the butter and beat in the sugar (by hand as I don't have a Kitchen Aid mixer....ah HEM).

Did I soften the butter?

Well.....kind of. It was a little hard so I thought I would put it in the microwave for a bit. After just 5 seconds, I checked...nope, still too hard

Unfortunately just at this time, my poor sick dog decided to start an asthsma attack, which can only be soothed by a firm yet gentle stroking of his neck.

By this time the butter was liquid.

Needless to say, as usual, instead of waiting until the butter hardened, I thought I'd proceed... after all, what could happen?

Only that it spread into a big sticky mess and burn. No problem at all.

Luckily my poor office mates are very forgiving and always eat my attempts at cooking, no matter how disasterous.
And NO, I don't make it part of their KRAs..... you cheeky monkeys!

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Millan said...

Debbie once told me about this master pottery guy who tried something like 100 times in order to perfect a cup.

your next batch will be better...and remember...I only live on the 4th floor