Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fair-ly Good Food

I'm back from my Great Canadian Escape!

Well, you'll be happy to know, or rather my belly was happy to know that I ate all the junk food that I listed on my last entry. My wonderful friend picked me up at the Vancouver airport, whisked me off for a bowl of "cart noodles" and it was off to Superstore to purchase said junk food.

As I didn't have much access to the Internet, I will not bombard you with descriptions of ALL I ate but I did have much good food. Mostly a lot of the Asian food I was craving.

However, as most people know, one of my weaknesses is junk food. And for this, what better way to describe to you what I ate at the Calgary Stampede?

Ahhhhhh.... Fair food, how do I love thee? There is nothing like it to bring you straight back to your childhood and, for many, while the memories may be fond, they are also mixed with disgust at one food in particular, which brings with it memories of vomit. For some, this may be the venerable candy floss, or, as the French charmingly call it, "barbe a papa". My father has never had a beard of candy floss but to each their own. Many have overindulged, many have also violently expelled the strongly colored spun sugar after a few too many rides which jostle the stomach.

Luckily I was always one to be careful where jostling of stomachs are concerned. I was always much more concerned about fitting all the foods I wanted to eat in. And so it continues.

I began with a refreshing Sno-Kone (as irritating as that spelling is, 'snow cone' just looks too respectable for this dubious treat). I chose blue flavored, having determined early on that the only difference in flavors is the color. Sno-Kones are tricky little devils, consisting of shaved ice with syrup, housed in a flimsy waxed cone that starts to drip impossible to get out dye. I choose blue wisely as I was wearing blue that day.

It is extremely refreshing but almost impossible to eat without getting it all over your nose and your shirt. It also begins to taste like the Kone wrapping towards the end, right before you have to throw it out.

To please my friends by getting something else more share-able, I decided to ask for a stick of candy floss. The man ended up handing me a stick of something the spitting image of Marge Simpson's hair!

In horror I looked at it and asked the man if he couldn't have given me something more manageable when he broke into hysterical laughter. Days serving pimply nosed rat faced teenagers will do that to you. I backed away slowly.

My friends had gone off in a different direction and gone for the mini-donuts. You know the ones, either plain or sprinkled with an excess of sugar and cinnamon. Fresh, warm and so moreish they were selling them by the bucketful. We were conservative and only had a packet of 16 between the three of us girls.

After the rodeo, I felt a bit peckish, mainly for something savory after all the blue sugar I had consumed. Lo and behold, what did I see?? RIBS!! And not just any ribs, bison ribs! It was fate calling me.

It was delicious, full of meaty flavor... just the thing to get me back in the game!

As my friends wimped out and went for the "Big Suck" aka a large slurpee, I went to the Old Dutch promotion stand and paid up for a bag full of snack sized chips, including my favorite of Ketchup and Dill Pickle. Oh yeah, Canada rocks.

I rounded off my day at the stampede with a healthy big old fried up corn dog. I couldn't not have it... after all, I wasn't having any candy apples nor corn on the cob... it was my civic duty to have my corn dog. Which I did. Before going out for Thai food.
Ahhh, the pleasures of holidays.


Anonymous said...

i feel ill.

Anonymous said...

Mmm corndog. That photo is a little obscene though.