Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stampede to Breakfast

The day after the Stampede, our friend, who lives permanently in cowtown, decided that we needed, or rather, our stomachs needed, to experience the Stampede breakfast. And so we went.

We joined the long, snaking queues of people for our free breakfast, accompanied by a stage with live country singers as well as impressive hoop dancers. There were pony rides for the kids (I'm still annoyed they wouldn't let me on one of the bigger ponies), as well as a faux cow milking contest).

It was very much a community thing, with everyone from the lovely Little Miss Calgary helping us with our plates;

to the knee slapping cowboys flipping our pancakes;

to the weird, pseudo clown/cowboy... I have no idea what he was doing.

In any case, once we got our plates of food, we milled around in front of the stage and enjoyed our two pancakes, sausage and drink. It was great fun and definitely worth doing if you're in Calgary during Stampede time.
Yeee HAW!

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