Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ah Canada!

I am 'on leave' to Canada as of Monday the 2nd of July... for 3 weeks! I am not sure I will have the ability to post while away although I will try.

Before leaving you, I thought I'd list out the junk that I've missed while away and will be eating whilst in the land of the maple leaf.

- Cheerios - PLAIN ones please, not multi-grain and definitely NOT honey nut
- Old Dutch Ketchup Chips, my love of which was the subject of this post
- McCain's Deep and Delicious chocolate cake.... ar ar ar ar arrrrrrrrrrr
- Oh Henry Bars.... they have the OH in the name for a reason
- Homemade rice crispy treats - why on earthy do they not sell rice crispies in France??
- Plain animal crackers - since the demise of the McDonald cookies, these have become a favorite plain cookie - all the ones sold in France are covered in chocolate
- Coffee Crisp - wafery, coffee, chocolatey goodness
- Tim Horton's iced cappuccino chili and - a favorite on road trips

In case you think its only me, check out this article...while I don't agree with all of it, namely the Nanaimo bars (too sweet), the rest is quite spot on.

So hopefully I'll post while away, if I can tear myself away from the junk food long enough to tell you all about the yumminess I'm injesting straight into my belly!

Happy Happy Summer Holidays!


Monique said...

Where in Canada are you heading? I could certainly provide you with some good old rice crispy treats! hehe Enjoy your stay here!

Sui Mai said...

Hi Monique!

Where to begin..? I start in Vancouver, then move onto Calgary, then Montreal before, finally, Toronto. How's that for a world wind tour?

Making rice crispy treats as we "speak"...

Su-Lin said...

I always indulge in two-bite brownies when I'm in Vancouver! And Slurpees!

:) Have a great time!

Su-Lin said...

And cheesies! How can I forget cheesies! Nowhere to be found in the UK.

Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT) said...

Hi Sui Mai,

I saw your link from Jaden's blog. Your blog's name caught my eye because the name Siu Mai is on my latest article.

Andrew Work said...

I loved your Canada odyssey. I know the orange! Awesome...