Saturday, January 10, 2009

I freaking give up.

....on baking.

Today, last minute since I had workmen come in to *finally* fix our leak and I was asked to bring dessert, I thought I'd make brownies from scratch. From Jamie Oliver's book, Cook, which I got for Christmas.

Since I had only enough ingredients for one shot, I checked everything.

I used a scale to measure out my ingredients (a first for me).

I pre-heated the oven to the correct temperature and even used an oven thermometer and checked.

I didn't replace, omit or change a single thing from the recipe.

I checked the pan half way through and cooked to the precise time indicated.

And what happened?

The brownies were supposed to be gooey inside.

Mine were so dry it crumbled off the side and was almost liquidy raw inside.


I freaking give up.

Now that the workmen have left, I have to rush down to the Marks and Spencer's to pick up dessert now.

I am cursed I tell you, CURSED!!!!


Antoinette Chua said...

It's actually cheaper if you buy these rather than make them.

Plus, maybe you did something different. Perhaps the pan wasn't the one Oliver used?

I can't see why brownies wouldn't work, those are the easiest types of cakes to ever be baked.

Those are supposed to be fool-proof.

Perhaps TODAY just ISN'T YOUR DAY!

But don't worry, there is always next time..

Don't give up, step up for the challenge!!

Gerry said...

I tried Delia Smith's 3 nut brownie recipe recently of which I only put in 1 type of nut - Walnut (which is really the only type of nut I like in a brownie). BUT it came out hard as rocks and too sweet! So I am still looking for a good brownie recipe.