Monday, January 19, 2009


What is it with the Brits and their crisps??

By the way, that's chips to the rest of us

I mean I love crisps/chips as much as the next, ok, maybe a bit more given my love of ketchup chips and Cheetos, but seriously, the Brits seem to be a bit obsessive.

Strolling through my local Sainsbury's, there are thousands of choices of different kinds of crisps and all sorts of flavors ranging from pickled onion (please do NOT eat if you plan to talk to anyone that day as your breath will smell of onions and your fingers of pickles) to roast chicken.

Whatever happened to my good old standbys of sour cream and chive, BBQ, all dressed, ranch, etc.? Well here in the good ole United Kingdom, they are inventive, I have to give them that. So much so that they have "seasonal crisps".

My case in point:

I mean, really.

Ham and Mustard?


Turkey and Stuffing?

Is this what da peeps want?

Well, for youse alls sake, I tried them.

Ploughman's was quite mild and tasted mostly of pickle but not too sour.
Ham and Mustard did taste quite true to its name oddly enough.
Turkey and Stuffing tasted like chicken spice... the boy thinks it tastes just like the roast chicken flavor.

But wait, it doesn't stop here. Apparently the next wave of crisp flavors to arrive in store shelves near me are:

  • Cajun Squirrel
  • Fish and Chips
  • Builder's Breakfast
  • Onion Bhaji
  • Crispy Duck and Hoisin
  • Chilli Chocolate

I'm a bit scared to be honest but if I see them, I shall do my duty and report back...

You can also vote for the flavor you want most to remain on the shelves by the 1st of May on the Walker's site.


Redsocks said...

Crisps are good, but crisp sandwiches are even better. My personal preference is for a salt and vinegar chipstick sandwich.

You could, of course, go one further and try a banana and crisp sandwich. Bliss.


Lizzie said...

Us Brits do love our crisps, but really - I remember there being much more choice in Hong Kong. Lays crisps, those spicy corn sticks etc... I'm a girl of simple taste - ready salted hula hoops or ready salted pringles for me!