Monday, February 06, 2006

Gym, Smym

I usually post about food. Ingestion of, love of.

However, after putting on a fair bit from Christmas, New Year's and Chinese New Year's, I thought I'd but some effort into losing some (only so I can eat more later..hehehehe).

I had it all planned out. Wake up at 6:20, get to gym at 6:25 (luckily there's a gym downstairs from my boyfriend's place), work out and then get back upstairs for shower and change and out the door by 8. Perfect. Shoes, gym wear and socks all laid out in readiness. I'm so proud.

Gets to the morning. I bound out of bed (ok so bound may be a *tiny* exaggeration) and am more or less on time. This was my morning workout:

6:25 - arrive at the gym, spend 5 mins fiddling with the tv to find a channel I want to watch and trying to see if I can turn down the air conditioning

6:30 - climb on running machine and try to start the damn thing

6:31 - damn thing starts, walk veeeeeeeery sloooooooowly for 5 minutes while trying to program the thing to the fat-busting program.

6:36 - still no joy and still walking like an old man.

6:40 - gym attendant arrives and I start harassing him to make the machine work.

6: 45 - machine works and attendant leaves - I try one programme on the lowest setting

6:50 - old man comes in and starts doing tai -chi routine

6:51 - I keep looking over my shoulder to see if the old man is intending to steal my phone and keys

6:55 - I try another programme and it tell me to strap on a chest band. What the hell is a chest band? Is it like a bra? Where do I get one? Get off machine, try to find one.

7:00 - no joy in finding chest band and try another setting

7:05 - feeling very groovy and walking very quickly now, try to get into it by pumping my arms. Accidentally hit the emergency stop button and everything ends. Old man snickers in the corner while continuing tai chi

7:06 - slink over to the biking machine and try to start at level 6 (goes from level 1 to 25 so I figure I'm safe)

7:08 - I want to die, it's so hard. I try level 3

7:10 - discover cool bars on the side for my hands to measure my hearbeat. I hold on. Oooh, it has little indentations for the thumbs. Think it's very cool.

7:11 - ARGH!!!!! Suddenly bike is so hard, I can't move my legs! I think its stuck and I broke it. I look down at my hands. The "indentations" are NOT for my thumbs but instead are to "increase" the level

7:15 - I give up. The old man has done a good 25 minute exercise and leaves. I look at my clock, realize I had been in the gym for 50 minutes and need a shower (despite obvious lack of sweat) and will be late for work.

50 minutes in the gym and total amount of exercise is less than 15 minutes.

I have burnt a whooping 15 calories, which is like what? A bite of apple?


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