Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Road to hell...

All way back from my lunch buying trip, I had the intention of snapping a pic of one of my favorite (and frequent) lunches, the Spicy Ma noodles.

However, upon returning to the office and opening up the lid of my noodle bowl, it looked like....well, it looked pretty bad. Completely unphotogenic and unappetising. It may have been due to my choice of food items to be included, which included preserved veg, chicken and "Fu Pei", which literally translates into tofu skin. Fu Pei is actually like a thin yellow sheet of dried tofu that is used in some soups and dishes and I am particuarly fond of it in soup and soup noodles. However, it is rather delicate and has the tendency to "melt" into liquids (making it the key of one of my favorite dessert soups). So, it looked, if you excuse the language, like I had eaten a big bowl of chicken, veg and tofu noodles and thrown up in a bowl. So, you can understand why I didn't want to show you all a picture.

In anycase, I asked for Little Spicy 2. It goes from Little Spicy 5 to 1 (1 being the spiciest), Medium Spicy 5 to 1 and Very Spicy 5 to 1. Now, rumor has it that the very spiciest anyone has every seen ANYONE eat is the Medium Spicy 1. And that was unbearable (My boss had it once and he was a crying, sweating, red face and headed mess). The "spice" in this is Ma Lat, which uses Ma peppers and has a numbing effect on your mouth and tongue. Pleasant in small doses and very unpleasant in big ones (at least to me)

The noodles were delicious despite their unappetizing demeanor. And for the record, I only had to blow my nose through about 4 tissues!!

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