Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lucky chocolate


Sometimes I wonder about my obsessive behavior. Since I've stumbled upon David Lebovitz's blog , I have been obsessing about chocolate. He's a chef who's living in Paris (!!) who wrote a book about chocolate (!!!!). Now the exclamations are for those who know me and who will know how incredibly excited I am... my two of my greatest passions combined in one blog!

Anyhow, it recommended the an article on chocolate entitled The Choco Luxe Guide from Departures magazine.

Uh oh.

I guess it doesn't take a genius to find out where most of my lai see money went....


Robyn said...

I love one of the latest entries he wrote about white chocolate, which I wanted to write about in my blog...but...well, I'm lazy. I LOVE WHITE CHOCOLATE! If it's good!

That chocolate list is insane. But it gives me something to strive, that's bad.

Sui Mai said...

Haha, I'm your complete opposite, I looooooooooove dark chocolate but can't stand white chocolate. I'll send it all to you next time!