Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The way the sushi falls

As mentioned in my last post, my family came to town and food was had.....a LOT of food.

One of the highlights was the revolving sushi counter that always has a huge lineup outside its doors. Being my family, i.e. a pack of food-hungry animals, we were there at the opening and began popping bits of sushi in our mouths within 2 minutes of walking in the front door (I say 2 minutes but I think one of my aunts grabbed a plate before she even sat down properly!).

I was too entralled by this arm long fish the sushi chef in front of me .......

Within minutes, it was beheaded cleanly and then quickly sliced down the middle.

Seconds later, we had a clean filet o' fish.

Within minutes, I had a fresh piece of sushi in my mouth!

It was the quickest, cleanest and slickest operation I had ever seen.

Surgeons? Pah, I' rather have a sushi chef!

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