Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What could be...

People who know me know that one of my biggest passions in fooding is, of course, chocolate. In fact, usually the presents I get from the boy's family consist of 80% chocolate. Dark chocolate. Dark, lovely bitter rich chocolate. ar ar ar ar arrrrrrrr..........


Sorry about that, got distracted.

Today was a good day. Why? One of my meetings today involved meeting a chocolate company. You see, in my boring corporate job, I rarely get to do fun stuff but since we are sourcing premiums, I thought it might be a chance to combine pleasure (chocolate) with business.

I was lucky and was left with a beautiful box of chocolates (I am a potential customer after all!).

I haven't eaten them yet....I am unfortunately, obliged to share with my colleagues but who am I to begrudge free sampler chocolates?

Anyhow, I strongly, strongly urge you (especially if you are in HK) to check out their beautiful dark chocolates. They look and taste fabulous (I had dark chocolate square samples as well!). The best kept secret in Hong Kong indeed.

Vero Chocolates

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