Friday, April 07, 2006

The chocolate saga

I've tried, I've tasted and by golly, I've conquered!

Choco-mania indeed.

Following my recovery from "eet hei-ness" (thanks to the 24 Herbs!), I proceeded to demolish, I mean, delicately taste each of the lovely chocolates from my dear boy.

You saw my first foray and here are some of the others in the box:

This one was called French Silk: Dark chocolate mousse covered in dark chocolate. You see that? Twice they have "dark chocolate so you just know it's going to be good.

See the insides? Moooooooooousse-y.

Then, the boy decided enough faffing about. He wanted the Easter egg!

I am not sure what the icing is made of nor the insides. I just know it was good.

I have two or three more interesting chcocolates to go and then I'm done this box of chocolates!

*sniff sniff*

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