Friday, November 03, 2006

Feed me macarons!

A friend, upon reading my macaron post, kindly bought me back 4 macarons all the way from Tokyo from the famous..

*insert drumroll here*

Jean-Paul Hevin.

I was incredibly happy and proceeded to make a cup of tea to go with my four little treasures.

My friend, a lover of fine foods and wines, bought be back (in her very descriptive words), "three brown ones and a rose". She couldn't quite recall what the flavor of the brown ones she bought were but "they were brown...just different shades of brown".

Anyhow, I tried the rose one first.

First impression is ... yes, it was a bit squashed.

Second impression is it didn't have that very thin but delicate outer 'crust' of the one I tried from Sogo. It was very sweet but nicely perfumed in not a flowery way but in a tasty way. Does that make sense? It was very sweet, more so than the previous ones I tasted but it was quite moist.

The first brown one I tried turned out to be chocolate and while the chocolate wasn't over powering, it didn't seem like anything special taste wise.

The second one was espresso and tasted very strongly of coffee, more so than it smelled, which surprised me as coffee flavors tend to be more on smell than taste.

The final brown one was caramel and it was my favorite. It tasted nice and strong with a nice burnt caramel undertone.


Texture wise, the ones I had previously were better, with distinctive layers. These seem to be more 'fudgey' inside but I chalk this up to having traveled some distance, despite the obvious care my friend took.

Taste wise, they still don't compare the the lovely earl grey one I had before.

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Anonymous said...

my vote rests with pierre hermes!!