Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Montreal 4 - Smoked heart attack

We had to go

Even though it was dangerous, we had to do it.

We went to Schwartz's.

We ordered 2 smoked meat sandwiches (medium fatty-ness please), which was absolutely delicious with yellow mustard, juicy pink meat which was interspered with hear clogging bits of fat, fragrant with the peppercorns and other spices,

liver entree, which was perfectly grilled until pink inside but still a bit dry for my tastes,

one half
sour pickle, still crunchy and a nice vibrant green,

one dill pickle, nice an tangy, a must have, if only to break up the richness of the food,

a plate of fries, beautifully cooked and tender, addictive,

and a black cherry cola to wash it all down.
A veritable Montreal institution and still producing huge quantities of delicious smoked meat everyday to feed the hungry hoards of people who pack into the tiny place everyday.

We went at almost 2 pm and it was still packed to the gills, with the same old grumpy, impatient servers with attitude.

Of course it was great and no matter what people's thoughts are on the smoked meat and how it compares to other's, I don't care, it was damned good.

Two days later and I'm still full.

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