Thursday, November 30, 2006

Salty chocolate

Despite loving the full bitter flavor of pure dark chocolate, I have a great weakness for contrasts.
I have an obsession with dark chocolate covered candied oranges (including the non-edible but droolable blog Orangette!) or lemon peels.

I am also always open to trying other combos; chocolate mint is a good, although tricky to manage the right chocolate : mint ratio. Dunking gummi bears, pretzels and particularly plain potato chips are also the standard when I break out the chocolate fountain. Salty and sweet just seem so right together...

I have just discovered salted caramels which I have just been introduced to, makes caramels perfect in my opinion. In their true form, caramel has never been a favorite of mine, finding it too cloying, buttery and sweet but with the addition of salt, it makes its flavor more true somehow with non of the cloying sweetness.

So it was fated that I buy Genevieve Grandbois' tablette, Le Carre de Sel.

A good size tablet of thin chocolate emblazoned with "Les Chocolate de Genevieve Grandbois, it was made of 70% dark chocolate sprinkled with fleur de sel.

You'll be happy to discover (as I was) that the flakes of fleur de sel is distinct, forming little pockets of saltiness and goes perfectly with the rich smooth chocolate.

I had planned on taking it to work as a good afternoon pick me up indulgence. Truth was, by 11am, the whole tablet was gone...

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