Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yum yum black sheep, have you any meat?

A good friend had just arrived in town and being the laziest of hostesses, I went for something easy in da ‘hood. The Bay o’ Causeway.

I was thinking about something local but decided to celebrate the teensy drop in weather by going to the Mongolian hotpot restaurant with the cute little lamb with strange gleaming eyes (check out the huge neon sign outside of the building!).

The large and popular chain restaurant is littered with little sheep images. From the ubiquitous sign to stranger decorative items such as little wax soap figures to our body less chaperone above the table. Being incorrigible carnivores with a total disregard for the sacrifice of cute little four footed friends when in comes to food, the boy, the friend and I dug right in.

We ordered to special duo soup* hot pot which had impressive stock base, one of which was laced with garlic cloves, chillis and numbing Szechuan peppercorns and the other one seemed much more dull but was surprisingly hearty with a good dose of thickly sliced ginger, garlic cloves and some other Chinese medicinal herbs.

To dip in the boiling soup we ordered:

‘premium’ thinly sliced mutton and mutton rib*,

‘premium’ beef*,

frozen tofu (this is tofu which, I *think* has been frozen, the water squeezed out and then frozen some more, which makes for a very spongy texture which is very soft and soaks up a lot of the soup),

a basket of assorted fish, shrooms and veg,

a bowl of hand-pulled noodles (looked more machine-cut but were nice, thick and chewy), a half dozen mutton soup dumplings, and a bowl of ‘tung ho’ vegetables, which is a leafy green vegetable with a slight bitter taste and is very common in winter. It is one of my favorite vegetables but is a bit of an acquired taste.

I didn’t take many of the ‘cooked’ photos as they didn’t look too appealing once we had dunked it in the soup and overcooked it due to much chatting but my friend and the boy loved the meal to bits. With special deliciousness points given to the soup dumplings by the boy.

It was a good restaurant to go to with friends you know well (the licked chopsticks being dunked in the same soup base may gross some of you out), for a chat and a meal with lots of activity. Right now there is 50% off some of the more common dishes (my dishes above with an * were discounted).

The total, including two large Asahi beers was HK$400.

Reservations are recommended and expect a 5+ minute wait even with reservations.

Little Sheep Hotpot
2/F Causeway Bay Plaza Phase 2
463 Lockhart Road
Hong Kong
Tel 2893 8318

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