Thursday, January 04, 2007

Arm's length

There's just something about having huge foods that make me happy.

Before you sit back in your computer chair, all arms crossed and judgemental, think about the last time you bought a foot long hot dog. Come on. Admit it. It was the FOOT long that sold you more than the hot dog itself, didn't it?

Of course.

Well one of the dishes we ordered last night at Khana Khazaa had the seemingly innocent (to my ignorant fool brain anyways) name of "Paper Dosa Masala".

"Mmm", thought I, "Thin crepe/bread wrapped with curried potatoes....MMMMMM"

So of course I ordered it.

When it came, it was big.

Really big.

As in longer than my arm big.

The Dosa was at least the width of the table and longer than my arm.

I was happy.

Arm's length happy.

Khana Khazana Vegetarian Indian Restaurant
1/floor 20 Dannies House
20, Luard Road
Tel: 852 25205308

The restaurant serves up delicious vegetarian Indian food but oddly also serves up Mexican and Italian food as well...

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