Tuesday, January 08, 2008


For Christmas I got a great many lovely things, one of which was a packet of chocolate based food items. Do my future in-laws know me or what??

One of the items kept tempting me.... a chocolate marshmallow coffee from Cocoa & Co. Blasphemous to coffee drinkers I know but if you had to sleep in the room where this little sack sat, all innocent except for the lovely fragrant scent of rich dark coffee and chocolate, I dare you to refuse its mating call.

I was good though, I waited until I got home to try it out with my somewhat leaky Bodum press. And of course, to complete the slightly trashy picture, I decided to drink it out of my fancy Krispy Kreme travel mug. I'm all klass.

And how was it?
Tasty, not too 'marshmallow-y', the scent was mainly what reminded you of the chocolate marshmallow, the taste was thankfully more coffee.
In the box were also some interesting handmade chocolate bars, including a Strawberry Black Pepper one I hope to review once I get rid of this dratted *COUGH*


Christy said...

Nice presents for you!:)
Happy New year to you!:D

Crunchasarus Rex said...

So lucky..!!

Lisa said...

Hi! You were the winner of my Menu For Hope prize, congratulations :) Could you send me an email to fruitcakey (at) gmail (dot) com ... because I have a couple of questions to ask that will help with the design of the logo, and I couldn't find your email address on your blog anywhere. Look forward to hearing from you! Lisa