Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pan, Kettle, Black

I don't know how many of you remember my dilemna with the cast iron pan but lately, I have been incredibly fortunate to leap at an offer from Umami for another, bigger cast iron pan, seasoned by her wonderfully patient Gigi.

I received it just last week and have been told its gone through three rounds of seasoning.

The boy came home and saw it, compared it to my old pan and asked whether Umami was feeling sorry for him for having to eat off a greasy spoon cafe pan and so offered a pre-seasoned one.

I was a bit annoyed. Until we did a comparison.

I'm almost reluctant to post these pictures as I'm cringing from shame but here's my pan...

And here is my lovely new pan.

Words fail me.

1 comment:

Beau Lotus said...

Very envious looking at your pan!

And heard from Umami that she's off to attend your wedding - so congratulations!!!

baitou xielau and zishun mantang