Monday, January 28, 2008

Lucky ducky

I admit it. I am very lucky I have the boy.

Because of the boy, I got to fulfill my dream of living in Paris. And that's not the only reason I adore him. He was also raised right. By that I mean he thanks me for EVERY SINGLE meal I cook him. And this includes lunches which I rarely pack for him, and breakfasts on those rare occasions I wake up before the sun.

But yesterday he went grocery shopping at my request.

And forgot my list. Uh Oh....

He came back with this.

Apparently "for Sui Mai" but for him....and to impress my father.

Other things in the shopping basket: Ostrich steaks;

Kumatos (some new type of dark tomatoes that ripen from the inside, sweet and crisp);

and of course, he always gets overly enthusiastic in the fish section (ending up with 3 pieces of fish we need to eat within the next day!) and conveniently forgot that we had enough cheese to feed a small army when he hit up the cheese selection.

The boy's attempts to sabotage my diet is transparent.

And when he asked me if I needed him to go to the shops this week, I smiled widely and thanked him.

"Thank you but no."

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susan said...

Dear Jessie, this is hilarious. The Boy is such a sweetie - he knows the way to your heart. Wish N would bring me home a whole jamon - or offer to do the food shopping!