Monday, January 21, 2008

Pickles and eggs

I was intrigued when my favorite veg-head (and soon to be bro in law) brought out a huge jar of pickled eggs during the Christmas season. Of course I had to try... if only to show the leafy ones that I was "down wit it".

Eggs and vinegar in my mind immediately screams, TUMMY ACHE.

However, seeing as the nut roast they procured at the festive table was nothing short of scarf worthy, I thought this must be a good thing. Besides. I enjoy eating sulphurous black duck eggs with sugar, don't I?

Well the egg white tasted mostly of pickle and the egg yolk nothing more than just yolky. What I found interesting was when the green one told me that you can make your own with nothing more than boiled eggs and vinegar.


Of course I needed to experiment. And, in an effort at one-upmanship, I had to do something different. And so this is where beets come in.

Having an almost empty jar of pickles, I polished off the pickles, added some vinegar to the remaining pickle juice, heated it all up and poured it over some peeled pickled eggs and diced beets.

Two days letter, I tasted one of them. Not quite pickle-y enough but a pretty and interesting shade of pink which contrasted nicely with the white and yellow of the egg.

Would definitely make a pretty addition to a Salad Nicoise.

(proper recipes can be found here)


ttfnRob said...

Hmmm... interesting. I wonder what other colours can be achieved? I can see it now: a rainbow of eggs. Freedom eggs!

Sui Mai said...

I actually left one in for approx. 2 weeks and it turned out very yummy, and beautifully pink all the way through!

I recommend not being as impatient as me and waiting longer.