Wednesday, April 23, 2008

F-odd: Snout Salad

While I may not be able to find frozen corn kernels at my neighborhood supermarket, I did find this:

Yes, you saw right, it's beef snout salad.

And by what I can see on their website, looks like it's a popular product.

So popular is the snout salad, that they have 4 varieties:

- Lyon style beef snout,
- Dijon mustard beef snout,
- Lyon style pork snout, and
- Provence style pork snout.

Clearly this is something worth exploring. And for you, I did.

And what did I think?

Not so good. It had an odd, slightly 'dirty' taste, slightly reminiscent of andouillette, which I have yet to develop a taste for.

I do love the food in France and I am not opposed to eating all kinds of animal innards but I think the French have beaten me in all foods with that distinctive aroma. I think I can safely strike off snout, andouillette and tete de veau (veal head).

But, as my Dad loves to say, "Never try, never know."

1 comment:

susan said...

But i'm sure you've eaten pig snout! which is delish! Probably because it's mostly fat and skin.