Friday, April 25, 2008

My Favorite Sammich

One of the places I will miss the most in Paris is my friendly neighborhood bakery. Although it is part of the chain, Ronde des Pains, although oddly, it doesn't seem to be listed there. I have visited other ones and still have a biased towards the one in my 'hood. After all, I've never seen the addictive paper thin apple tarts at the other ones (although they may have sold out!).

It didn't always start out being a love affair. For 10 out of the 13 months or so I've been here, they've had construction obstructing the front of the shop. And very fickle opening hours with it being open one weekend and closed the next. They were also the first one to put up a notice about an increase in price due to the price of flour. Besides the thin apple tarts I fell in love with from the beginning and have gotten many, many people addicted to, I often shopped elsewhere for my baked goods. After all, their croissants were merely passable and their pain au chocolates, while a complete fantasy while warm, were a bit tough when cold.

They won me over with the darnest thing. Sandwiches. I am NOT a sandwich person. Too many school years with soggy bread containing tomatoes and ham with a tiny stingy spread of mayo has scared me off. This is no slight on my mother, it was me who made my own horrid sandwiches. I obviously didn't know what I was doing and didn't really care.

These however, are a completely different beast. Sandwiches with a variety of ingredients and breads, all matched to complete perfection. Examples? I had one last week made with their "campaille" bread which has a soft, creamy "mie", stuffed with a soft cheese, bresaola ham, tangy, salty slices of parmesan, crisp lettuce and pickled, slightly hot cactus.

Fancy fancier?

How about the "Savoureux" made with foie gras with rocket and gingerbread? Yes, that's right, those are bits of gingerbread in the sandwich. And delicious it was.

Or a lovely simple but delicious "Rambuteau" which simply consists of rocket, delicious ham and slices of the gorgeous parmesan cheese. This was eaten too fast... twice... to take a photo.

The only which I didn't enjoy so much was the special that day of smoked trout on creme of asparagus spread, pale asparagus spears, lettuce and fresh dill. However, look at the variety of the sandwiches!

The choices kill me each time I go in. I stand in the queue, making the old ladies behind me angry as I decide which one to go for. All priced at between 4 to 5 euro, it's just perfect.

And if you like desserts, I can always recommend the tarte fine aux pomme. Or sables for those of you who are into those things! And its a very short hop, skip and a jump away from Centre Pompidou if you're visiting!

Ronde des Pain
16 Rue Rambuteau
Paris, 75003

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susan said...

Jess, these sandwiches sound amazing!!!! and like you, i don't even like sandwiches! but i remember, years later, a fabulous sandwich of jamon and gorgonzola i bought from a take-away place near Pierre Herme - loved it so much I had it twice in two days. Of course, I haven't been able to find the place on subssequent visits.