Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Milk" Chocolate

Whenever I go to buy dairy section at my local Franprix, I'm always curious about the little Kinder chocolate bars I see there.

It's a good idea, especially in the heat of summer, to have a cold chocolate bar to melt slowly in the mouth.

These are usually packaged in a bundle and upon closer inspection, claim to be a "milk" product, which is supposedly a healthier 'treat' for the young'ns.

I had to pick one up of course. I chose Kinder Pingu. They also had Kinder Hippo but I didn't like the association. Some call me too sensitive.

It claims that it contains 26% of milk and has no preservatives and no colorings. The ingredients list milk first, then chocolate (made with cocoa butter) and then sugar. It clocks in at 136kcal per portion.

The composition is a thin genoise sponge with a milk mousse inside enrobed with a thin shell of chocolate, which also runs through the middle, for 'crunch'.

And how did it taste?

Well, not bad. Not too sweet, it was pleasant if a little bland. I don't know that I would give a whole one to a child but it wasn't as sweet or as heavy as many chocolates.

The chocolate didn't so much crunch and gently crackle and the milk mousse texture was a bit odd while the thin genoise wasn't really apparent, lending more texture than anything.

Not something I'd buy again but it was ok. I think if I was a parent, it would be a decent once in a while treat. But I'm not a parent.

So, would you buy them for your child?

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ttfnRob said...

I wouldn't. They're ridiculously expensive too. Well they are in the UK. Here we have those little Freddie Frog things, which are small and only cost 20p. About twice the size of an advent calendar chocolate.

I ate one of the Hippo ones once and basically it is one very expensive mouthful. The whole thing kind of melted away instantly into a gooey, sweet mess.

Also, if its Kinder and doesn't have a surprise then I'm out on principle.