Thursday, March 30, 2006

Choco loco

As mentioned yesterday, the boy is back! The boy is back! Yay!

Even more yay was what he bought me back from Chicago:

Yes, that's right people. Chocolate.

Moonstruck chocolates, to be exact, all hand picked by the boy for bittersweet-ness. And to be honest, they are absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous, I'm tempted to give into my hoarding nature and not eat them ever but take them out for a look and a smell from time to time.

But alas, the boy threatened to eat the chocolates himself if I was not up to it so I had to bear the burden and you will too. I will post all chocolates consumed for your reading and viewing pleasure.

First up was the Raspberry Chambord Truffle. I tried to savor it by nibbling at it until the boy got fed up and took a huge bite before handing it back to me.

Thick coating of dark chocolate with Raspberry Chambord flavored melty chocolate inside.

Mmmmn. It was really good.

Can't wait to try the next one...


Rob said...

I am SO with you on this. Here back in the Uk we have a theme park called Alton Towers which is apparently transforming into Chocolate Towers briefly in April:

Apparently there is going to be a chocolate volcano and sweets hanging from the trees. I must find my way there!

Sui Mai said...

You are *killing* me.

How come the boy never told me about this???

I'm going to dream of sliding down a chocolate filled fudge slide.....

............sorry, just drooled over the keyboard.....

Jen said...

Man - you're making me droooooollll big time. People at work are gonna think I have rabies or something.

Anyway, pleeeassseee continue to update your blog for each piece of chocolate! If I can't eat the stuff (damn my stupid health-freak finacee), at least I can eat it vicariously through you!

Last thing, have you killed (or otherwise seriously maimed) your boy for taking a huge pite of YOUR Raspberry Chambord Truffle???